Nicotine lozenge. There is a small dose of nicotine in these tablets. The lozenge is placed between the cheek and gumline, after this you must suck it slowly. The tablet must dissolve. The nicotine enters your bloodstream, because it is absorbed by the lining of your mouth. You don’t need a prescription to buy this cure. Chewing is needless in this case. The lozenge doesn’t stick to dental appliances. Other anti-tobacco treatments can also be used with this aid. This medicine also has side effects.

The nicotine gum. As you have already understood from its name, it includes some nicotine. The latter is absorbed by the lining of the mouth during your chewing this gum according to the rules. When it comes to the first purchase of nicotine gum, a small piece can be used every one-two hours (up to 24 pieces each day).

It’s important to know a special biting technique for this gum to be effective. Nicotine must be released from the latter, so you must bite a piece until it gives a tingly sensation or until it has a pepper taste. To absorb the nicotine, hold the gum between the cheek and gumline till the tingly sensation or pepper taste disappears.