For more nicotine to be released bite and hold the gum again. Repeat it for thirty minutes. After this spit the gum out, as all its nicotine has already been used. You can buy both kinds of it (having different strength) without a prescription. The gum can be used with other anti-tobacco products simultaneously. It can also cause unpleasant reactions. Moreover, the cure can damage your dental appliances.

Nicotine patch. It’s a small self-adhesive patch. It slowly releases a stable amount of nicotine. The latter comes inside the body through the skin. A patch must be applied on a hairless part of skin between your neck and waist (for instance, on your chest or shoulder). You can purchase any doze without a prescription. Its usage is very easy. Patches can be used with the rest of quit-smoking aids.

It’s hard to quickly accommodate the needed amount of nicotine you achieve because of sudden withdrawal symptoms or cravings. The treatment can lead to skin irritation, spots on it or itch on the area it was applied. Besides, you can have vivid dreams or insomnia because of this type of cure. Fortunately, not all people face these problems. Don’t forget to replace the patch each day.