There are two main categories of quit-smoking products: medications (they don’t have nicotine and can be bought by prescription) and nicotine replacement products (include an inhaler, spray, lozenges, gums and patches).

All the mentioned products reduce nicotine cravings and withdrawal signs. So it’s more likely that you will refuse from smoking. Electronic cigarettes is an alternative way to give up smoking. However this product is not FDA-approved. E-cigarettes are not as safe as nicotine-replacement products. And they don’t help people to stop this habit.

Varenicline. It’s a prescription medication, which lowers tobacco cravings and curb nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It blocks nicotine receptors in your brain, so that a person doesn’t take so much pleasure in smoking anymore. Usually people take the mentioned pills a week or two before refusing from the bad habit. Varenicline can be used together with other anti-tobacco cure. However it has some side effects.