Bupropion. It’s also a prescription medicine, a kind of antidepressant. Bupropion lowers withdrawal symptoms and the desire for tobacco. Thus, the level of certain brain chemicals increases. This cure is also taken one or two weeks before giving up smoking. It reduces the weight gain that a lot of smokers often have after quitting cigarettes. But, unfortunately, no one canceled the side effects.

Nicotine nasal spray. This treatment transfers a substance into the nostrils, it contains a little nicotine. The mixture is absorbed through the nose. It works quicker than the rest of the products. It can be combined with other anti-smoking aids. The substance may have some unpleasant aftereffect.

Nicotine inhaler. It is a special device, giving you some nicotine. While a person is putting on a nicotine inhaler, a cartridge releases nicotine vapor. The latter enters your blood, because it is absorbed by the mucous membrane of throat and mouth. It’s forbidden for people with asthma to use it.