Intensive spewing often predetermines the process of burping. The patient can’t stop belching, causing too much discomfort to people around. For some strangers, it may seem funny, but it’s not okay for the community in general. This process happens because the body tries to get rid of the redundant air. The process takes place in the stomach and moves up. It is a common sign you eat or drink too fast.

One more typical problem is the flatulence. This phenomenon occurs when the rectum transmits intestinal gas. The gulped air is the least possible reasons for the extra flatulency to happen. Add abdominal pain – it makes the patient feel uncomfortable with his organism. The level of pain varies from the medium to harsh and intensive. Try to pass gas or move the bowel.

Why does stomach bloating appear? The top reason is the extra air you breathe. Even while we are having a meal or drinking water, our body keeps on swallowing certain amounts of air. If we do it pretty fast, we risk breathing excess air. Chewing bubble gum or drinking water with gas may lead to stomach bloating as well. Try to drink more water without gases and eat slower.