People sometimes feel an unpleasant smell coming from their mouth. Flatulency is the main reason for such odor to appear. It is caused by the bacteria located in the big gut. It provokes a tiny number of gases with sulfur, which is spread over the organism. When there is a huge accumulation of gases, patients experience a strong desire to bloat. It is followed by the abdominal pain.

Doctors recommend to pass gas or shake the bowel in some way to get rid of this feeling. Releasing gases is a natural thing, but patients with stomach bloating cannot always control this process. The first sign to consider is an abdominal bloating. When the stomach is swelling and feeling too uncomfortable, the human organism may want to get rid of the food or drinks took inside.

However, it’s not always the quality of the products people eat that makes them feel so. The idea of being fed up might be false in case of abdominal bloating. The sense of tightness may also provoke this phenomenon. Often, it leads to fluctuations in borborygmus. It is possible to minimize the feeling by removing the gas-producing meals from the ration.