Whether it is a sexual or non-sexual contact, there are equal chances to catch the nasty mite. Also, it is possible to get attacked using one’s elements of wardrobe, towels, and other elements of personal hygiene. As for the second type of causes, close friends or relatives can also easily get infected one from each another. It can be passed even to the kid.

Before turning to different radical measures like antibiotics, it is important to attend health care provider to conduct a full examination. If your skin gets pinky, reddish, lumpy, or cover with spots, it can be the symptom of various mild and severe skin problems. To identify scabies, make sure the visual signs appear in six or even more weeks. The doctor should observe all infected, burning areas of the body to make a final conclusion.

Several tests will help to identify the nasty mite under your skin. Once the diagnosis is known, the treatment should start immediately. At least a single Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis should be discovered to conclude with the health condition. Based on what doctor sees, the doctors come up with the diagnosis and recommended medicine. Specific antibiotics prescribed by the health care provider is the best way to get rid of the rash and its consequences, but don’t hurry up to purchase anything on your own.