As it was mentioned, the symptoms are mostly visual. The body’s surface turns rather itchy. The reddish spots cover the affected regions, turning into a rash soon. The problem becomes visually and physically more noticeable at night. Visual symptoms are not the only clues: the person feels the area is irritated and can’t withstand scratching it. The infection forms wounds which might require extra recovery with the help of specific antibiotics.

The major causes of scabies are little nasty parasites. This types of acarus has obtained its name human itch one as it mostly attacks human bodies, disturbing a share of the population. It digs a hole to get under the skin extremely rapidly. The female creatures than have a place for their eggs to keep. They leave a plenty of them in the hole/sore. The maggots then transfer to the upper layers of the body skin. They can cover most of its parts in short.

There are several dangerous associated with scabies you should know. Not every person necessarily gets infected after the sexual or physical contact with the infected individual. Certain risk factors exist to predetermine this consequence. In fact, any close contact with the person sick scabies is a risky situation.