There are many skin-related problems known today, and scabies is just one of them. If you discover your surface turn rather itchy, covered with red spots, it’s not a simple form of acne or age of transition. It is most probably the symptom of more delicate problem with skin and entire organism. Scabies can be defined as a skin disease mainly.

What is worse, it is infectious and can be passed from individual to individual. A harmful mite is delving in the skin to get deeper into the layer. This tick has another scientific name. Health care professionals call this nasty acarus a Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis. In many cases, the mite is obtained through the act of intimacy. Other physical contacts are also dangerous for healthy people.

The symptoms of the Scabies. Once the mite is transferred from one individual to another, the victim will have no clue for about 6 weeks or even more: there will be no visual signs. If a person uses to have the same problem before, he or she will sense the signs earlier than those who face the problem for the first time in their lives.