The most popular way to join is through bloodstream just as most of the infections. Keep in mind that any naturally born germs may transfer from one part of the organism to another without specific obstacles. An example may be pneumonia, which occurs in the lungs. Avoid open scars – treat them immediately.

How to diagnose various types of osteomyelitis? With the symptoms popping out one by one, go the doctor. Your health care provider should test the injured region of the skin to detect the obvious symptoms. Those are sensitivity, swelling, and some other visible factors. Show your current medical history and reports. Describe the condition carefully – don’t miss a sign. Tell more about the latest accidents or surgeons, perhaps, you can recall any previous infections.

Extra tools for proper diagnosis involve: blood examinations, biopsy, imaging exams (x-ray or CT), and more. It is important to check every injury. Mind that the first two weeks, the physician may not see the traumas clearly, even with MRI.