Bone infections are especially dangerous as they can destroy the skeleton completely. One of the disorders which make persons feel like their bones are smashed or cracked is a so-called osteomyelitis. It is a serious bone infection which quickly spreads over the body using bones as the bridges.

Once it achieves the main target, bloodstream, the infection becomes rather dangerous and even life threatening. It may also expand from the tissue close to the bloodstream. The problem takes place inside the damaged bone. A disease processes the injured bone to microorganisms. Lower extremities and upper areas of top extremities are usually infected, especially when talking about little patients. As for the grown-up population, osteomyelitis will most likely occur in the spine (a.k.a. vertebrae).

There are different types of osteomyelitis. Just like in case with many other diseases, it is difficult to categorize it into one class. The most common signs of this health issue involve painful sensation inside the bone and in the areas around, which varies from mild to advanced level. The damaged parts of the body may get pinky, reddish, or purple. Swelling and annoyance are two other symptoms of osteomyelitis. People with such diagnosis get quickly tired and remain exhausted even after having a good sleep.