What are the possible risk factors for this disorder? The same institute mentioned above discovered several most common risk factors. In most cases, a child of 8-12 is under threat. It happens as the organs of vision modify during these 5 years as well as some other body organs. As for the grown-ups, mostly patients diagnosed with diabetes face myopia.

One more threat is a visual stress. It will have some consequences anyway. Doing work that requires an extensive focus like exploring the small visual details may sooner or later lead to myopia. It can be, for instance, reading or writing. People who use the computer too much may experience this health condition. Another way to obtain nearsightedness is through the inheriting it from one of the parents or both of them. The genes matter almost in any situation!

How do doctors tend to diagnose myopia? Usually, a healthcare expert will take a standard vision examination. He or she will ask the series of questions. A patient will have to have a look at the board and read the letter ranged from the largest to the smallest ones sitting on the opposite side of the premise.