Most often, the problem starts at the childish age and progresses until the person becomes a teen. As the patient gets older, this health condition most often disappears or at least minimize. The higher risks are associated with the medical history of the parents. A child whose parent is nearsighted is more likely to face the same issue. Only in rare cases, this phenomenon will go on developing over time.

The signs and symptoms of myopia are recognizable. The most typical symptom is blurred vision. It feels like staring into the foggy nowhere when looking somewhere far. Try to look at the horizon to detect this sign of myopia. Kids often complain of hardly seeing a word on the blackboard at school. It means it is difficult for them to read at far distances. The condition may even be dangerous as the younger drivers often do not notice the road signs, so it frequently leads to the car crashes.

Among the rest of the symptoms, the person may notice a mild or more serious headache. The eyes start hurting by the end of the day. That is why a person feels over exhausted and extremely sleepy. Squinting is another symptom such patient may experience. The doctor will most probably prescribe glasses or contacts to improve the situation. It is important to watch eye hygiene! On the whole, a feeling of fatigue should leave in 7 days or 14 days depending on the individual treatment and complexity. It is important to change both contacts and glasses from time to time.