As the American Academy of Ophthalmology reports, this is the most effective way to detect the nearsightedness as well as its level and intensity. After that, the healthcare provider uses various test instruments to define the causes of the decreased eye vision. One of such tools is a retinoscope, which helps to analyze how the light refracts off the retina. It is critical to evaluate the number of refractive mistake in place. To do so, doctors use a phoropter. It assists in understanding what should be fixed.

What are some of the effective methods to protect the eyesight? Unfortunately, the person cannot avoid the symptom is it is meant to be. Several studies offer some ways to minimize or slow down the progress of myopia. It is important to test the eye vision frequently. The person should wear corresponding glasses or corrective lenses following all the hygiene norms. It is critical to put on only ultraviolet glasses to protect the eyes from radiation.

Apply defensive tools when contacting toxic chemicals or other dangerous elements. Experts recommend having breaks for 15-20 minutes during the hard working day in office. It is critical to set up screen options on your computer so that the screen does a minimum damage to the vision. It is critical to control chronic health diseases (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure). Try to consume more fruits and vegetables or supplements that have Omega-3 fatty acids. Finally, quit smoking!