Is it possible to forecast and prevent the problem? Well, it is important to take care of your kidneys if you want to avoid uremia and other serious diseases. People with diabetes usually experience troubles with these organs, so it’s critical to control and maintain the healthy sugar level in blood. Start taking care of your pressure by ensuring its healthy limits.

It is better to quit smoking if you notice any problems with kidneys or signs of uremia. Doctors recommend sticking to the proper diet in order to avoid turning fat in the short period of time. On the whole, the changes in weight are typical for patients diagnosed with uremia. It can lead to obesity. Aging and bad family history are two possible risk factors for uremia. Older adults find it hard to avoid problems with kidneys. Try to combine these preventive measures to achieve the desired effect.

Is there a chance of any complications? And if there are certain risks, when they will most probably show up? To begin with, the complications are always serious when it comes to uremia. Sometimes, it is only possible to solve the problem by implementing complicated and time-consuming treatment like dialysis or transplant. Often, there is no way to avoid surgery.

Some people suffer more (e.g., those diagnosed with diabetes or kidney stones/failure). Mind the cardiovascular problems and possible heart attacks when evaluating the complications. The imbalance of vitamins might lead to complications as well. You may be surprised, but such common thing as depression along with other mental disorders may cause complications of uremia. The final reason for complications to happen is amyloidosis, which makes the joints suffer from severe pain due to the stored fluid.