The patients also have issues with bleeding and open scars. The increased heart rate is one more symptom. All of these sudden symptoms may result in the deep confusion and extreme exhaustion. Do not forget about the pain in the abdomen. Altogether, these symptoms may cause fainting.

How many causes of uremia exist? First and for most, the person should be aware of the drugs he or she takes. Some anti-inflammatory medications may have more side effects than benefits. This disease may also trap those people who have gone through the difficulties associated with the trauma of kidney, patients with diabetes, mind hypertension when listing the causes of uremia. Such phenomena as stones in the kidneys or the failure of these organs, serious surgeries may lead to this health condition. Finally, it’s embolism.

Doctors know several effective methods to diagnose uremia. Make sure to bring your medical history showing your previous issues with kidneys or blood (if any). Those are two factors predetermining uremia. The doctor may try to detect the uremic frost on the body surface. The expert should check the patient’s eyes and mouth as well. Finding out the number of creatinine clearance is necessary. Various urine analysis is required to show how the kidneys are working.