How do healthcare professionals define Uremia? Each human has a blood urea nitrogen in some amount. It is unhealthy for this element to increase. This situation means a poor health of kidneys. It becomes almost impossible for this organ to filter the nitrogen waste. Uremia is the result of the rise in the level of nitrogen.

It is a severe condition with the potentially fatal outcome. People who face this problem may experience sleepiness, general weakness, increased heart rate, and the great desire to consume large volumes of water. The person may lose conscious all of a sudden. Due to the dehydration, the amount of urine also goes down. Finally, it’s edema.

What are the symptoms one should take into account when suspecting uremia? Here is a list of the potential disease’s symptoms you should not ignore. First of all, watch the amount of your urine when peeing. Pay attention whether your mouth is being dry all the time no matter how much water you consume. If you get extremely exhausted and notice the body’s skin turn pale, those are warning signs too.