Abdominal pain is also in place when a person suffers from the typhoid fever. This ache appears between the chest and pelvic zone. Patients report about the cramps over the body. The pain may be either dull or rather harsh. You may wonder why it gets this way. It does not matter where the infection begins (which organs are attacked first) – this type of infection involves the bacteria that can penetrate the digestive tract. That is how an abdominal ache appears.

The patients that suffer from the typhoid fever often get sweat. The body works hard as the immune system fights the nasty bacteria. The temperature tries to control the process, and the patient gets very sweaty. Sweating is just a method to save the body in a cool condition. It is okay to get over-sweaty when the typhoid fever is in place. It is a symptom that the organism tries to resist and get rid of the disease. Soon, the temperature will get back to the norm, and sweating will be gone.

Another common symptom is the lack of appetite. Many patients lose a plenty of weight during the period of illness. The Salmonella typhi bacteria makes the person lose the appetite. If you belong to the group of consumers who prefer contaminated food products, you risk experiencing difficulties when having a typhoid fever. Such food often contains these bacteria. This way, a person may lose appetite due to the certain groups of food, which is quite ironical. The thing is these bacteria produce toxins in the stomach.

One more sign of the typhoid fever is a rash, which appears on the majority of cases. The phenomenon takes the shape of the ‘rose spots.’ It covers the entire body or some especially sensitive parts. You will see the rash in the form of tiny red spots. The areas to be attacked are chest and abdomen (in most cases). A patient discovers the symptom in 7-12 days since the fever attacks. It is better not to touch the damaged areas. The rash will be gone in three or four days.