Regular, severe headaches are the first warning symptom that a person might be dealing with the typhoid fever. Headache is, perhaps, the most common sign of the fever. It is usually caused by other symptoms. They may be stressful situations and muscle tension. Another reason for having a headache in case of the typhoid fever is an overall malaise. These factors might trigger pressure. As a result, a person feels an ache in the head.

Fever itself is another typical symptom of the typhoid fever, and it is quite obvious. The temperature of the patient achieves various unhealthy marks: from too low to rather high. It happens every day while the problem is present. It has an unstable nature. Patients often report that such sudden jumps remind of a hot flush. The temperature keeps on going up while the face becomes burning. A desire to absorb more oxygen or have a rest is another indicator of the typhoid fever.

One more symptom of this type of fever is diarrhea. When a typhoid fever takes place, such bowel movements are severer than in case of less serious health conditions. Such phenomenon as diarrhea causes another unpleasant symptom, which is a dehydration – a rapid loss of water in the organism. It also influences muscle activity and other things that make organism work properly. This symptom is especially threatening in kids and elderly people.