A patient will notice muscle weakness and pain when dealing with the typhoid fever. The whole body starts feeling weak and out of energy. In most cases, the ache is typical for the zones around the abdomen and lower limbs.The pain in such situations has a unique nature. Influenza may be followed by the same level and nature of pain, so it is important not to confuse it with the typhoid fever.

Lethargy and other sleep disorders are common in people who suffer from the typhoid fever. It means that a patient diagnosed with this disease will fall asleep because of being exhausted and tired all the time without a good reason. A person also becomes rather sluggish and unfocused. It takes more time to solve everyday problems and evaluate things objectively. Besides, a lot of energy is wasted on a fight with the virus. That is why a patient feels like in a daze.

It makes sense that a patient with fever will feel weak and exhausted all the time. Muscles and overall body pain lead to such outcomes. When one experiences fatigue, it means he or she is overloaded even without doing difficult physical exercises. A patient feels like running out of power and having no energy to complete daily tasks. Dizzy spells are present when this health condition is on. The level of typhoid fever predetermines the level of pain as well as continuity of this condition.