Sure thing, there is no desire to eat when you’re feeling terribly sick. Any fever is followed by the absence of appetite for at least half a day. Tuberculosis figures as a consumption due to this symptom. Almost half of the recently surveyed patients report extreme weight loss; 1/3 of them end up anorectic. The best way to describe why it happens is through regulatory (gut) hormones. A peptide YY is a well-known appetite suppressor in the medical field, and it attacks people who suffer from TB.

The patients wake up at night being excessively sweat. Because of the ongoing fever, the body temperature jumps up and down. This condition prevents people from having a good rest as these fever symptoms are rather disturbing and noticeable. The bed may become extremely wet during the night. Such amount of sweat is not healthy, especially when it’s not hot.

Chest pain. As it was said before, a chest usually is affected firstly. Sometimes this is the only part damaged. In the beginning, the chest pain occurs furthest from the inside. In parallel, it can be noticed considerable swelling of this area caused by the whole body reaction to the problem.

Finally, there are serious issues with breathing like shortness of breath and lack of oxygen in the lungs as the outcome of tuberculosis. Many other patients report pains in the chest and breathing problems, but when accompanied by other dangerous symptoms, it usually means that you have a Tuberculosis. It becomes impossible to do physical exercise and even minimal daily activities such as going shopping. Exhaustion appears in every case.