Tuberculosis always starts like a typical fever, which progresses faster than regular flu or cold. You should not try to make a difference – simply contact your health care professional in case the temperature of more than 37.8 C lasts for more than one week. Even if you’re not doing that bad, it is better to do so. A TB-related symptom is the worst one, but it is easily cured at the early stage.

A stereotype exists that people infected with tuberculosis can’t stop coughing. Their cough seems rather dry, unstoppable, and even a bit terrifying. It is the most elusive sign that a person might be having tuberculosis. The coughing is regular and ongoing. If the Mycobacterium tuberculosis is not found, it may be asthma or the outcome of regular smoking.

Have you noticed any drops of blood or bloody spots? In the process of coughing, it is extremely important to watch what kind of mucus forms (if any). When the process is followed by the bleeding from the mouth, the person might be suffering from TB. A sputum is a type of bloody substance which is also associated with the disease. It is created deep inside the lungs, so it’s not okay when this type of mucus comes out.