People who suffer from this kind of illness usually feel tired and overloaded. They have no energy left even for the simplest daily tasks. Patients with the most severe Tuberculosis are almost always tired and irritated. Sometimes, this phenomenon can point to the presence of influenza. The thing is that patients with TB suffer from TB and chronic fatigue at the same time.

Blunt pain. Sometimes pain can be not colic or sharp, but it can be felt as endless, blunt and dull. Speaking about tuberculosis in the chronic form, this type of pain is the most typical. The pain is prolonged in different joints. In most cases of this kind of disease, the problem is felt not in such sharp way as in previous cases.

Those who suffer from tuberculosis also experience the regular attacks of cold and flu. There are no specific reasons, and it may happen even in summer. People diagnosed with tuberculosis are shaking even in the walls of their warm, convenient apartments. Such patients feel like their joints and muscles expand. They feel chilly and shivery; the peaks occur every hour.