Long lasting cold. It is well-known especially among the younger generation, is not it? First, the cold comes, after some time the cold causes sinus infection. Still the patients are convinced that all they have is just a cold until the symptoms will last for too long. That is why if one notice that some cold markers last for more than a week and nothing is changing despite medical treatment, the patient must have a sinus infection.

Corruption of flavor feeling and smell sensation. Sinus infection possibly will have a significant influence on sufferer’s gustatory sensations. Normally person’s brain knows what it tastes recognizing the signal provided from sinus. Molecules of the matter are moved by air towards the sinus and settle down there giving the signal to the brain.

Due to the sinus infection, the sufferer’s sinus becomes “unlinked” from the brain. Therefore the feeling and smell sensations become depressed. The person still can distinguish salty from a sweet dish, but no subtle tastes can be recognized.