Painfulness and strength in your visage. The specials gaps in humans’ skull, situated behind eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead are called sinuses. The basic mission of those is to make warmer, to moist and to filter all harmful particles that you inhale. This makes air to come cleared in your lungs. In addition, those gaps make the head not as heavy as it was if there would not be any holes in the skull.

As the nose becomes clogged, the nasal passages are obstructed and it turns impossible to connect in a proper way and a cluster of mucus makes the patient feel “heavy head” and painful face sectors because of pressure on facial nerves.

Snot is the most unpleasant, irritating, nasty, backbreaking and at the same time fairly frequent nasal illness. Everything begins from sinus infection. If the infection in the nose occurs, the nose becomes inflamed and fluid escapes. Because of the area infected, a patient needs to blow the nose repeatedly. In the napkin, there will be some rheum necessarily and its color may change from green to yellow. This rheum comes from the infected sinuses right into the nasal passages.