Sinus Infection. Sinusitis Signs and Symptoms

A permanent migraine. The strong pain in a head can occur as a result of edema and feeling of face pressure because of blocked sinuses. This kind of a migraine often feels typically similar to a tension headache. Blocked sinus and nasal inflammation make the muscles too tight around the head. The morning pain is much worse as a rule because of a lot of collected fluids during all night long.

Pyrexia. People really do not link pyrexia and cold, still, it is connected. And naturally, people often do not collegiate pyrexia to sinus infection also, which is not correct. Still, this is an infection, though it comes from simple cold for instance. Pyrexia causes inflammation, and the patient’s immune system uses all the opportunities and reserves to ensure soon recover of the organism. When this occurs, and the body of the patient becomes occupied close to dangerous bacteria, viruses and so on, the body naturally raises its temperature to help to resist uninvited invaders.

Stale breath. Independently from the frequency of teeth cleaning and other trap cleaning procedures the smell from the mouth is constantly wicked and smelly. This smell is nothing else but the by-product of the liquid from nose sinus, which gets right to the throat back. The condition of the teeth does not matter at all in this case. The disgusting smell is a mixture of the air and the back throat infection.