It is almost impossible to tell the specific reasons for Sarcoidosis to appear. Perhaps, it is passed on the genetic level. Maybe, it is the consequence of specific bacteria, viruses, or metal/chemical dust interaction. The problem develops as the granulomas progress in the lungs or other affected body parts. Thus, the chosen organ starts working in a wrong manner, causing such discomfort. Immune system hardly copes with the problem. Even though the exact causes are not known, doctors have defined risk factors of Sarcoidosis.

  1. Age and gender equally matter. Most often, those who reached the age between twenty and forty may experience this health condition. In more cases, females suffer from the disease.
  2. You may wonder, but the race also plays a role. It was reported that Afro-Americans possess higher chances of being attacked by this problem. It was discovered that black population has more risks associated with the lungs’ health.
  3. Finally, mind your medical history and genes. In the case at least one family member used to have Sarcoidosis, you have better chances of facing the same trouble sooner or later.

It is difficult to diagnose Sarcoidosis as there are no specific causes. However, if you have troubles with your lungs, it might be the sign. To define exactly what it is, health care providers review full medical history. They also conduct some regular examinations to checks lungs’ condition. They end up implementing chest X-ray to come up with the final diagnosis. In most cases, the condition is mild and requires no extraordinary recovery. However, there are severer cases.

Doctors then prescribe cortisone-related drugs. Except for the lungs, other zones may suffer. Every damaged area has its unique approach to treating. The level of the disease also matters when choosing a proper solution.In 24-36 months, the problem should disappear on its own. The disease is not contagious, so there is no need in isolation. The person can go on living routine life without paying too much attention to this health condition even though it may be rather disturbing.