Most of these symptoms are interrelated. An ongoing cough and shortness of breath, for instance, prevent the patient from having a healthy sleep at night. It results into the severe fatigue the next day. Sometimes, Sarcoidosis may cause problems with the skin. At least 20% of the patients reported this fact. For example, a red rash covers the body. Most of the time, the lower extremities get affected. Lesions form on the face.

Patients may also notice that specific parts of the body’s surface become darker/lighter (highlighted in some way). Most of the signs are similar to erythema nodosum as the problems develop in the lower extremities as well. These symptoms are often followed by arthritis in the limbs. You may wonder, but even eye symptoms exist when it comes to Sarcoidosis. Do not forget to visit corresponding specialist even if you feel your eyes are okay.

It is important to pay attention once you discover that your vision is blurred (meaning seeing some spots in front of you or seeing like in the fog), an extreme ache in the organ, and eyes getting red frequently. Besides, the patient may also discover that his or her eyes become rather sensitive regarding their reaction to the sources of light, both natural and artificial. Finally, the problem may touch your heart, the main organ. That is when X-ray will help once again. The patients complain of having nothing to breathe, fainting, heart beating too fast or vice versa, and edema (swelling). In fact, any organ may be under the threat.