The risk of list factors is not too long, but you should keep it in mind. Some of the factors may worsen the situation, so it is necessary to keep away from them. Stressful situations are the examples of risk factors for the Periodontal disease. Chronic disease such as diabetes may also predetermine the problem.

That is why the patients with this diagnosis often have issues with their mouth hygiene, especially teeth and gums. Smoking is the most dangerous risk factor. Smokers suffer from the disease much more often. Moreover, they tend to lose teeth more rapidly as compared to non-smokers with the same health condition. In 90% of cases, it was impossible to cure smokers with this diagnosis.

The worst thing you may experience is the loss of teeth and damage to the appearance. Some studies insist that the harmful bacteria enter the bloodstream via the gum tissue. Thus, it may impact the work of heart and other organs. Sometimes, the lungs may be attacked. That is why some patients report the respiratory problems, arthritis, and stroke when it comes to the severe stages of the Periodontal disease.

Many people who care about their teeth hygiene ask whether it is possible to avoid periodontitis. A perfect oral hygiene is everything you usually need to keep away from such problems as a Periodontal disease. It is better to do so in the morning and before sleep even though some people do it after each meal. Try to attend the dentist regularly to support the health of your teeth and gums.