Periodontal disease is more widely known as periodontitis. Perhaps, you have noticed numerous toothpaste mentioning this problem in the product description. It is related to the dental area of our organism. This condition progresses over time if the person does nothing to recover.

The problem is rather dangerous to our overall appearance as the person risks losing teeth on the final stage of the gum disease development. It is a common issue among older adults. How does periodontitis appear? When the toxins discovered in plaque start to annoy the gum, cause the swallowing, or even ruin the corresponding bone, the disease becomes obvious. Thus, it is better to handle it at the early stages. Those are the consequences of a bacterial infection called gingivitis.

Most often, the problem starts with a plaque. It is a sticky film made of the mentioned type of bacteria. When it remains without a proper treatment for a while, the plaque can expand and evolve. It develops on the person’s teeth while the starches/sugar cooperate with the native bacteria.