In case the plaque remains in a mouth for some time, it can become more solid under the gum line. Such phenomenon is called calculus. It is rather complicated to get rid of as it is full of the nasty bacteria. As a result, gingivitis may appear. It is just a gentle type of the disease. It causes an annoying, inflaming feeling in the gum.

Doctors list several major symptoms that help to identify periodontitis. On the whole, a Periodontal disease often develops smoothly and without any pain at the early stages. It may reveal just a few minor symptoms even when reaching its peak.

In general, pay attention to such symptoms as: bleeding gums (when you eat or brush the teeth), sensitive and reddish gums, specific smell from a mouth no matter how hard you try to get rid of it; bad, bitter taste without any reason, creation of big pockets between teeth and gums, shaking teeth, and the manner the teeth are located.