Off we go, it is critical to recall one of the oldest contraception options, which does not provide 100% guarantee, but is still good when it even comes to preventing various STDs. That is a condom, which is a tiny pouches that consists of latex or plastic. Sometimes, they contain lambskin. The idea is to put it on the male genital organ, and it will do the job. This mall protector will not let sperm into the vagina. The best thing is that you can purchase condoms almost everywhere, and they are very simple to use.

Lastly, when we discuss different kinds of birth control, it is impossible to ignore special pills. The mixed drugs can assist women and men with preventing undesired pregnancy. They do not cause any discomfort just like condoms unless you have some health issues, mental disorders, or bad habits. It is important to have a look at the warnings written on the package before taking these pills in. That is not a long term birth control, but is still efficient for the short-term purposes. The functionality is almost the same: a pill should keep the egg and sperm apart or stop the ovulation. The pills do that thanks to the hormones estrogen and progesterone among their ingredients.

Natural family planning is the last option to discuss that would rather go in the category of a long term birth control. It is enough to be rather attentive to make it work. It is essential to control and record various fertility signs while menstruation takes place. This method is all about perfect time management. A woman should use calendar to be aware of the periods. A natural family planning expert might help with this goal so that it is 99% reliable.

To sum up, among the different forms of birth control, condoms, pills, implants, shots, sterilization, and vaginal ring are among the most effective and demanded ways to prevent pregnancy. While some of them possess no risks to health, other may even make a woman sterile for the rest of her life. Condoms and implants are safe while you should be careful with other available options. It is necessary to see the doctor and consult them in order to avoid potential problems and control birth at no risks.