Most Popular Types of Female Birth Control

Birth control is the way to prevent pregnancy. There are various reasons to want it: from financial crisis to personal preferences. Most often, such methods are chosen by the young girls. However, you can use various birth control types at any period of your life. Not all birth control choices work equally well for different people. The factors that predetermine it include age, bad habits, medical records, chronic diseases, and drugs that a person currently takes. Have a look at the most known methods of contraception for women.

One of the popular birth control choices is the birth control ring. The idea is that a tiny ring is placed inside a patient’s vagina. During the period that it is in, it helps to release hormones. The vaginal ring’s mission is to prevent sperm from joining with an egg. The process of ovulation stops, and there is no chance to get pregnant then. As for the specific hormones, this ring has progestin and estrogen. They have certain benefits for female health, so this method is not just risk-free, but useful. It is necessary to mark days in a calendar when a woman puts one and replaces the ring.

Couples that do not want kids may choose one of the most radical yet effective types of birth control – permanent sterilization. It provides ninety-nine percent guarantee that a woman will avoid pregnancy. At the same time, there is no harm to a female health; the hormones remain at the sufficient levels. Mind that this long lasting birth control measure may have certain risks just like any surgery, but they are minimized thanks to the contemporary approaches and equipment. It’s just necessary to find a really good Clinique.