One of the most popular birth control methods nowadays is the special implant that goes in the arm. There are several brands that offer this product. Many celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, a “High School Musical” film series star, have chosen this approach, and they seem to be satisfied. The principle of this contraception may remind you of the typical pills to control birth. The implant goes under the patient’s skin. It is vital that a healthcare expert does it to avoid any complications. On the whole, the small, thin rod will not cause any discomfort. The eggs will not leave ovaries, and the mucus on your cervix will get too thin. It means “NO” to pregnancy.

Some women prefer intrauterine device (IUD) as one of the available types of female birth control. It appears in the shape of a little tool that is placed in the uterus. The device modifies how sperm cells transfer in the body. It blocks the way to an egg. The included hormones make the mucus thicker, trapping the cells, as well as prevent eggs from moving elsewhere from ovaries. This option will not last forever but experts still call it one of the examples of the long lasting birth control methods.

Have you ever heard about a birth control shot? That is one more thing that one can do to prevent pregnancy. Being one of the wide-spread birth control methods, it is often chosen because of progestin that is rather effective. The hormone thickens the mucus, and the sperm cells just cannot make it through to an egg. This method is great when it comes to staying child-free, but it provides no guarantees in fighting sexually transmitted infections (STDs). As for the first function of this shot, a woman should apply for a new one each twelve or thirteen weeks. Sure, it’s possible to take shots with you, but it is better to delegate this procedure to a medical professional (just like some other birth control options).