Magnesium normalizes the condition of vessels, rids of stress and of tension in migraine-trigger areas. However it`s not a panacea for this illness, it may be considered only as an adjuvant therapy. Ginger alleviates any kind of nausea. Ginger powder lessens the affliction`s intensity and continuation. It has only a few side effects, which is a great advantage. Peppermint oil is a very useful remedy. The menthol can stop a terrible headache. A menthol solution applied on the temples and forehead is very efficient. It helps during the light sensitivity, nausea and ache.

Feverfew is a special herb which reminds of a daisy. The remedy rids of headaches. Feverfew keeps from migraines. A lot of people say it really helps to rid of attacks without aftereffect. Also try using acupressure. It implies pressure, caused by fingers and hands, used to special body points relieving pain and other indications. The method prevents chronic headaches and other uncomfortable conditions. Another research showed that acupressure eases sickness provoked by migraine.

Lavender oil inhalation lessens the pain. One of the experiments showed that patients inhaling lavender oil within 15 minutes during a terrible headache, had a quicker alleviation, than the rest, who inhaled a placebo. You can breathe this oil directly or apply its solution to the temples. Also steak to a diet. Many drinks and products cause migraine. Among them: beans, chocolate, pickled foods, dried fruits, processed foods, fermented milk products like sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk.

Also this list contains cold meals like ice cream and iced drinks, products with monosodium glutamate (MSG), flavor enhancers, alcoholic drinks like red wine. Cheese with a natural component tyramine can also be a trigger. Meals containing nitrates like meat delicacies, bacon, hot dogs and sausages. It`s obvious that such a food is harmful. So make the right choice.