Yoga exercises, making your heart pump quicker, avoid migraine attacks. But for some people it’s a real trigger. Yoga with slow movements is a much safer alternative. Researches prove that regular exercises decrease the number of attacks and alleviate them if they happen. Try to sleep as much as you need. Your rest must be regular, which prevents migraines.

By the way, don’t sleep neither too much nor too little. This provokes headaches and lowers pain threshold. Rest at least seven-eight hours every night. Moreover, go to bed and get up approximately at the same time each day. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) can be found in fish, cheese, milk, chicken. Or you can take the pills with it. The experiments determined that it saves from migraines.

Such a mineral as magnesium is in whole grains, dark-green vegetables and nuts. Some patients suppose it has no effect during the migraine attack, but certain researches proved that it is also rather effective. You can take it in the form of pills, but consult your doctor before this. Refuse from sport if you have a headache, because it intensifies the attack. And if you feel well, systematic exercises avert headaches. They provoke endorphin release in the organism. These are the chemicals which cope with pain. They alleviate stress and guarantee you a sound sleep.