Home remedies for migraine headaches. Probably, you already know different anti-migraine remedies. They may be very efficient, but not always. And if it’s hard to avoid an awful headache, you try to find something more effective. Test other methods of treatment, and we are not talking about ordinary medicine now. Sometimes folk cure may turn out to be more efficient, and it rids you of a severe headache.

Butterbur is a very useful plant, that has been used as a remedy for years. Is it effective against migraines? The results of the researches say that taking this extract diminishes the quantity and intensity of the pain. Many patients confirm this. So you should try the remedy on your own experience. Sometimes it’s better to choose folk medicine than the modern one.

It’s necessary to control your migraine triggers. The food you eat can also influence migraine attacks. Determine, what causes the latter, and avoid these factors. Among the provoking food it’s important to enumerate: sausages, cheese and red wine. Strong fragrances, staying at significant height, bright lights can cause new headaches too.