Loud noises and bright light can worsen the headache. So it’s necessary to find a quiet room. Draw the curtains, if you have a migraine attack. It accelerates the recovery. Caffeine is a component in certain foods and drinks, including coffee. It can relieve a mild pain. Also the substance helps the organism to absorb some migraine remedies quicker. However caffeine can cause withdrawal symptoms like a headache or weakness.

Over-the-counter medicine. There is no need in any prescription to get such painkillers as Naproxen, Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen. It’s also possible to purchase migraine medications that consist of a mixture of pain relievers.

What else can you do? Put an ice pack on your forehead, neck or skin on head to relieve the strong pain. It’s still not known, why it works, but decreasing the blood flow really helps. If you don’t have a pack of ice – apply a rag soaked in cold water or a frozen gel pack.