The next symptom to discuss is a so-called myositis. Gastroenteritis may cause the inflammation of muscles. It makes sense that such action will lead to ache. You see, each time some virus penetrates the organism, it might produce specific substances into muscle tissues. The muscles then cannot function properly without causing some pain. As a rule, such problem is relevant for the lower and upper extremities. In the serious cases, the muscles will stop reacting, causing the limited movement.

Pay attention to the color of your stool. Gastroenteritis is frequently associated with the signs of blood in the stool. Even if you notice a bloody stool, do not panic immediately, as it is not necessarily a symptom of something fatal. However, it is a warning each person should not ignore. This condition requires consulting a healthcare professional as soon as the person notices it. In case blood looks dark, there is no time to wait!

People who suffer from gastroenteritis can notice lethargy among the symptoms. It is a full absence of energy, which makes the person rather drowsy. Of course, various stressful situations and overwork cause lethargy. Another reason is the lack of physical activity. To get rid of gastroenteritis, the organism invests all of its resources in the battle with the virus. It is not normal for such condition to last for more than 48 hours – contact your doctor then.

The last common symptom of gastroenteritis to discuss is running out of the water. This symptom is called dehydration by the medical experts. This symptom arrives after the first primary signs: diarrhea and vomiting. It happens because of the attempts to recover from the infection. That is why doctors can advise nothing else than double the water consumption during a day. It is easy to define whether the amount of water in your organism is enough. The lack of it leads to the symptoms like red eyes, exhaustion, light head, or dry skin and mouth.