The first and most obvious symptom of gastroenteritis is a liquid stool known as diarrhea. It may continue all day long without a good reason. Because of that, a patient is losing a tremendous amount of water. It is necessary to receive the important amount of nutrients anyway. When a digestive system behaves this way, it requires double the amount of usually absorbed nutrients as it wastes more of them than regularly. Pick beverages that contain a lot of electrolytes – these elements will support the body energy.

The patient may complain of feeling exhausted and extra tired all day long. It happens as the organism lacks energy as a digestive system misbehaves, preventing the necessary nutrients form staying in the human body. No matter how much a patient rests, he is still sleepy. Sure thing, many health conditions are predetermined by ongoing fatigue, but you probably have gastroenteritis if this symptom is supported by diarrhea and some other signs. It is not normal if a fatigue lasts for more than 48 hours.

Patients often report abdominal cramps during the period of gastroenteritis developing in their bodies. A person might feel a harsh pain as well as cramps in the abdominal area. If the cramps get too serious, they may lead to the problems with breathing. Often, the cramps are nothing else then the consequence of the active physical exercises, so do not panic immediately.