Fever is present when the person faces gastroenteritis. The organism might have different reactions to the infection. By raising the body temperature, the organism tries to fight the disease effectively. An alarming situation is when the temperature is as high as 102 degrees Fahrenheit or lasts for more than four days. Then, it is time to speak to your healthcare professional ASAP. Along with a fever, it is also possible to face such signs as chills. It is the outcome of rapidly changing temperature.

A patient with gastroenteritis experiences a strong desire to vomit. It is just another way to get rid of the toxins and infection. Just like in case of diarrhea, a person starts losing valuable nutrients and large amounts of water when vomiting regularly; it is important to increase the number of consumed foods and water. The stomach flu is one more health condition, which is characterized by both of these symptoms at the same time. Once you consume a dodgy meal or contact with an ill individual, you may also experience strong nausea.

A headache is another sign a person might be having gastroenteritis. It is not necessary that only an abdominal area and stomach suffer when this infection enters the organism. The patients frequently report about headaches as well. It happens as the chemical balance in the head changes. It is because of the virus attacking the stomach. All human organs are interconnected, so when one is damaged, some others may suffer too.