With the first signs of bloating, one should not panic immediately. It can be the result of low-quality food or alcohol poisoning. Patients with colon cancer do not necessarily complain of nausea and vomiting, but those are quite common symptoms. The patient may feel sick as the result of significant abdominal discomforts. These two signs may also warn about the sensitive digestive system.

The patient with colon cancer may lose interest to food. The absence of the appetite is another regular symptom of the colon cancer as the abdominal discomfort leads to it. The person with colon cancer may have no desire to eat when it is time because of the ongoing abdominal discomfort. It is one of the factors such patients often lose some weight in the short period. Individual’s metabolism changes completely.

The immediate loss of appetite even when it is time to eat makes the patient with colon cancer lose certain amounts of weight within the short period. A healthy diet or regular exercises are not even half as ‘effective’. If you did not plan to lose weight and do something for it, then attend doctor to find out whether you experience the signs of colon cancer. Watch out: if you get rid of 10% of your normal weight in half a year, it’s an alarming sign!