The sensitive issue with abdominal is another sign a person may be having colon cancer. Every day, the patient is suffering from the significant abdominal discomfort. It’s not even necessary to have a meal to feel like bloating. Other features include regular pelvic suffering and stomach pain. Sometimes the patients have problems with gas and belching. Only a good health care professional may detect whether it’s really a colon cancer as many other disorders have this symptom.

The expansion of abdominal is one more symptom people with colon cancer may experience. People with this type of cancer may have a stomach or abdominal lump. Most often, it happens because the fluid is stored in these fields. The organism starts to accumulate excessive fluid. The swelling may appear when something is preventing the regular flow of the fluid. Waste materials and gas may also form during this process.

Such problem as the delicate stool is another symptom of the illness. The sequence and volume of the stool usually depend on what the person eats. At the same time, it is important to watch that the bowel movements are not too narrow for a while; they should be long and smooth in a healthy person. The delicate and thin stool is the sign of various infractions and diseases, including the colon cancer.