People who have cancerous tumors in the colon/rectum face a horrible problem known as colon cancer. The reason for that may be insignificant, non-benign polyps. These elements may become dangerous and cause this type of cancer with the flow of time. The best way to identify whether a patient has this form of cancer is to conduct a colonoscopy. It is focused on detecting the harmful polyps. It is possible to recover completely.

Various problems with stool are another sign of colon cancer. When constipation happens, it usually means that the person should change the daily ration. Physical activity may also help to get rid of this problem. The same symptom may reveal the hurdle in the colon, which is the feature of colon cancer. Instead of getting read of waste material, the body starts gathering it at the beginning of the colon. This material the causes constipation.

The problems with regular stool may also include bloody allotment. It is a common sign for the patients with colon cancer and some other diseases. When one faces hemorrhoids, the allotment may be too tiny to disturb the patient. Rub the bottom to discover the blood. In the case of colon cancer, the stool is full of red or even black blood. No matter what the color is, it’s important to contact the health care provider.