If you’re running out of energy frequently, it may be the warning signal of bronchitis. Fatigue is the outcome of your organism trying to resist the potential external infection and other irritating factors. Thus, all energy is thrown to fight infections instead of allowing the person to do everyday activities. Lethargy is another common sign of bronchitis. The problem is the lack of oxygen which has to circulate stably.

Do you feel like you can’t breathe? It might be a symptom of bronchitis as well as many other disorders associated with lungs like asthma. Acute bronchitis, as well as chronic one, possess this feature when they achieve advanced level. A continuous cough usually precedes the lack of air. Just like people with asthma do, the patients who experience breathlessness as a result of a severe form of bronchitis may buy inhaled bronchodilators to get extra oxygen.

Frequent voice loss. Communication is an integral part of every human life, and it’s a big trouble when bronchitis attacks this function. Ok, you may not lose your voice completely, but still, it would be rather tough to say a word. Such patients start showing what they mean using gestures or writing sentences down not to be misunderstood. It’s a certain type of discomfort which points to bronchitis. The voice can go down or turn into a whisper. It happens because of the soreness of the airways. The voice returns soon after the infection is gone or minimized.

Do you have problems with a runny nose? Can’t you stop it? Well, let your body fight the infection in full. Most often, the younger members of society with bronchitis tend to have a runny nose. It may prevent from calm sleep and may cause another discomfort. The phlegm is another symptom of the disease. The most dangerous thing to happen is the blockage of the nasal passage. If it occurs when the person is sleeping, he or she can suffocate.