We can choke on food, for instance. This phenomenon refers to the immediate reflex experienced to clean the throat from the foreign bodies or other unnecessary elements. Those could be bacteria or microbes. It’s a quick expulsion of air from the lungs. When the lungs turn inflamed, it is hard to quit coughing. The process may last for a while until the patient starts feeling pain in his throat. It happens because of the annoyed membranes produce extra mucus.

Another sign is a phlegm. The sputum may be intensively segregating just to stimulate a hacking cough. Expectoration starts to form within 24-48 hours from the beginning of a cough. The phlegm may be of different colors; the red blood color defines the most serious cases. The progressive assaults require fast aid. A dry cough, however, may prevent patients from having a sleep.

A widely spread symptom known as the chest pain is present in patients with bronchitis as well. The patient may think his chest is being tightened or pressed. It results in an overall feeling of discomfort. In the case of bronchitis, the reason why this part of the body suffers is the inflammation of the airways. In other words, the air your breath is not able to make its regular path through, causing unusual feelings. Then, a patent might start breathing heavily like those who have asthma.