Bloated lymph nodes are one more warning signal. Lymph nodes often suffer when a person has issues with lungs. It means that the organism is trying to resist the external risks such as microbes and various bacteria. Due to the fact our lymph nodes serve as the filters, there are high chances they will be negatively impacted when the body fights the infections. These nodes have the same functions as the entire immune system. Thus, attacked lymph nodes result from the weakened immune system.

Wheezing sounds formulate another symptom of bronchitis. There are two basic types of this disease: chronic (meaning long lasting) and acute (less severe). Wheezing is a typical sign of both types. When a person tries to exhale, a whistling sound can be heard – that’s what wheezing is about. The compression or reduction of the airways can be the clue. This symptom is followed by the breathlessness and painful feelings.

Exasperation is one more factor to consider. The bronchial tubes get under the threat of inflammation. Before diagnosing bronchitis, the series of examinations should take place. Physicians recommend not to panic and check the bronchial tubes with the help of such methods as x-rays and some other techniques. An immediate diagnosis and proper treatment may prevent the patient from a more serious health condition like pneumonia.