Having cold extremities such as hands and legs. Getting cold in winter is not the reason to panic. However, if you’re having problems with the flow of blood, this issue may arise at any season. Our brain automatically sends the blood to the places where it is needed. As far as our hands and feet are too far from the center of the body, they tend to receive less blood sometimes. Without a stable stream of blood, we start feeling cold. Iron supplements are a good way to solve the problems of cold extremities.

Fragile nails. As many people recognize, our bodies depend on the level of oxygen. Even such elements as nails rely on it. It means that the lack of the oxygen has an adverse impact on the fingernails: they turn dry and brittle due to the lack of elasticity. In addition, they become easy to break and split. The bed of the nails must generate new cells all the time to avoid this problem. Increase the amount of iron to get the solution!

Having a pale skin. While for some ethnic groups it’s okay to remain pale, other populations are not supposed to have too pale skin color. You have probably heard that pale skin is usually associated with sickness, and anemia has this symptom as well. Sometimes, human brain delivers the blood to the locations it considers to be more in need. The rest of the skin turns pale then. In specifically severe cases, the skin may turn gray or ashy.

Did you face such problem as tingling legs? Once again, this problem is caused by the insufficient level of iron in the organism. Physicians often call this phenomenon a restless leg syndrome. People with anemia often find it difficult to stand still; they may face jumping spasms which cannot be managed. The peak of this problem can be noticed at night time. It prevents patients with anemia from having a healthy sleep.