Running out of breath. Have you noticed people around to experience shortness of breath without any good reason? It might be the symptom of anemia too. In case you have noticed one of the ten other critical signs, it’s about time to attend the health care professionals to check your blood for an iron deficiency. Why should you suffer from the pressure on the lungs? Food supplements with iron may help to solve the problem.

Another alarming symptom is the chest pain. Our heart as well as many other organs simply can’t function without the proper amount of oxygen. The absence of oxygen can be the result of various factors such as a severe blockage. The only way to uncover it is through examination. Another situation is when a patient lacks oxygen because there is not enough of it in the blood. It makes sense that the tissues then act in the way they do when experiencing a heart attack.

One more initial sign of the illness is the irregular heartbeat. People with anemia tend to have too fast or too slow rhythm; it’s important to measure the heartbeat regularly to avoid fatal consequences. The reason for such thing to happen is the attempt of our organism to increase the energy storage via circulating the blood throughout the veins. To do so, it’s important to make it faster. The goal is to spread oxygen throughout the body.