Anemia Symptoms, Signs, and Causes

A headache is a primary sign of anemia. Those are regular painful feelings in the head which range in their severity. In addition to harsh headaches, anemic patients may feel lightheaded or dizzy. It often occurs when the person is moving too fast (for instance, getting up immediately after laying for a while). Then, he or she can see black spots in front of eyes. It all happens when the organism lacks oxygen which must reach the brain via the red blood cells.

Depletion refers to being tired all the time. An iron deficiency results into quick exhaustions. This severe fatigue prevents them from doing homework or other tasks. The patients want to sleep. Oversleeping (more than 8 hours of sleep) may lead to such problems as well. The problem is defined by the inability of the required amount of oxygen to reach human body. In other words, the human body needs nutrients to remain on the run.

Anemia has another very strange feature: the patients feel they want to taste things which are not eaten. For instance, some of the anemic patients want to eat sand or dirt during such uncommon outbursts. Physicians call this phenomenon pica. The best way to dispel such desires is to attend specialist and start eating something that contains iron (e.g. different food supplements).